The Differences Between Vision & Eyesight

Put simply, EYESIGHT refers to how clearly you can see. Eyesight relates to the physical attributes and performance of the many  components involved in your visual system. Many people make the mistake of thinking that clear eyesight is an indication of good vision.

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About Vision from ACBO

ACBO has produced a range of information resources designed in patient-friendly language to help you understand some common vision problems and how to deal with them. The following articles are general information only. For advice specifically tailored to your situation, you should consult a Behavioural Optometrist for a comprehensive assessment. Below is a sample of the articles included on the ACBO website you.

Are your eyes working as a team?

Eye teaming problems (technically known as Convergence Insufficiency) is when you have trouble keeping both eyes turned in to point in the same position when you are doing close work like reading, writing, computer work. People who can't keep their eyes converged generally have very few visual symptoms. However they do tend to have poorer fine eye-hand and visual motor skills and may avoid near-centered tasks. READ MORE on the ACBO website...

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