Three (3) Signs your Child has a Visual Function Difficulties

The three main areas of Visual Function Difficulties are focusing; tracking; teaming.

A: Signs of possible EYE FOCUS problems

  1. The child complains of blurred vision
  2. Difficulty shifting focus repeatedly from far to near
  3. Complains of eyestrain, sore or burning eyes after a time on task
  4. Complains of headaches
  5. Excessive rubbing of eyes
  6. Inattention to visual detail
  7. Poor reading comprehension, gets worse over time on task
  8. Excessively tired at end of day
  9. Head very close to book when reading/writing
  10. Excessive blinking during visual tasks
  11. Demonstrates focus difficulties by squinting, peering etc …
  12. Avoids concentrated visual demands

B: Signs of possible EYE TRACKING problems

  1. Loses place often when reading/copying
  2. Skips or re-reads words, letters or lines
  3. Must use a finger to keep their place
  4. Poor reading comprehension
  5. Short attention span
  6. Moves head excessively when reading
  7. Moves head excessively when reading

C: Signs of possible EYE TEAMING problems

  1. Covers or closes one eye when reading
  2. Rubs eyes
  3. Complains of eyestrain
  4. Complains of headaches
  5. Complains of words moving/floating on the page
  6. Inattentive
  7. Reading comprehension reduces over time
  8. Clumsy and/or poor ball skills
  9. Unusual head turns/tilt or body posture when reading and/or writing