Chih-Chi completed her Bachelor of Optometry with honours in 2003 and the post-graduate component of Behavioural Optometry in 2005 from UNSW. She also completed her post-graduate certificate in Ocular Therapeutics in 2018, in order to be an ophthalmic medicine prescriber.

She is the current candidate for the fellowship of ACBO (Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry) and is currently finishing her research project on “Efficacy of In-Office Vision Therapy in Improving one’s quality of life” before completing her fellowship with ACBO. 

Chih-Chi was the first optometrist in Australia to have completed the Optometric Extension Program Foundation Clinical Curriculum. She continuously and regularly attends conferences from different modalities (e.g. sensory/motor, speech/auditory, biomedical health and functional neurology) in order to enhance her skills as an optometrist with a holistic view. She is also a certified level 1 Tomatis practitioner, helping people with their auditory processing needs. Chih-Chi is passionate about helping people achieving their maximum potential through the excellence in optometry, whether it is in the form of vision therapy, contact lenses, tints or spectacles.

In her spare time, she enjoys bushwalking and spending time with her young family and fellowship at church.