What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy provides the stimulation and environment required for the individual to develop certain visual skills that will maximise with visual and learning performance. Vision therapy is specifically directed towards resolving visual problems which interfere with reading, learning and educational instructions.

Vision is learned. It is developed through experience and motor interaction within the environment. Lack of visual skills can be improved by providing an environment that triggers those experiences and motor interaction in an appropriate order, for an individual to build their visual skills, which eventually leads to good vision, allowing efficient processing and capturing of visual information through the eyes.

Vision therapy is a service to help people improve their visual abilities, much like occupational therapy or speech therapy which works to improve people’s motor skills and speech respectively.

Vision therapy is not just eye exercises!

Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of vision therapy is to not just make the eye muscles stronger. In most cases, the eye muscles are already strong enough. Vision therapy is to re-train the brain, eyes and the body to work together more efficiently, allowing an individual to capture and process visual information more efficiently.

Vision therapy may be used to improve:-

– Eye Tracking

– Eye Focussing (the ability to focus clearly at various distances and be able to change the focus quickly with ease)

– Eye Teaming (the ability to use both eyes together as a team at all times)

– Eye-Hand Co-ordination (the integration between the eyes and the hands, precision and efficiency is important for handwriting and ball skills)

– Visual Information Processing (the ability for an individual to analyse visual information, retain and recall visual information, e.g. visual memory)

The first step in any Vision Therapy program is to have a comprehensive visual examination. Following a thorough evaluation, an individual will be advised whether Vision Therapy would be of benefit.

At Chih-Chi Lee Behavioural Optometrists, we provide office-based Vision therapy, which is individually programmed and delivered, designed to target specific areas of weaknesses in an individual visual skills. Research has proven that the success rate of Office Based Vision Training far exceeds “simpler” forms of vision therapies or computer based programs, alone.